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CREATIVE BRAND STRATEGIES & PRODUCT PLACEMENT SERVICES for Early-Stage Manufacturers, Developers, and Producers.

Food & Beverage Producers
Hi-Tech Manufacturers
Outdoor Gear Manufacturers
Software Developers

What we offer

Product/Brand Strategy Consulting

We help manufacturers define their unique competitive advantage for each of their product brands and services.

Promotional Writing Services

We offer both technical and promotional PRIME marketing copyright services that converts into customer engagement and brand loyalty. We work with brand ambassadors, marketing firms, and business owners.

Customer "Experience" Feedback

We offer CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE frameworks to help Manufacturers, Producers, and Developers quickly identify and adapt to ever-changing customer behaviors and buyer metrics.

Create Your Own Professional Looking Content Fast! 

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Let FREEMAN Help You Write the Best Content for Your Brand. Use it for your website, product packaging, and social media!

Having trouble hiring the right graphics design talent? Do you have limited time to create your marketing content yourself? Let Freeman Interactive Agency (FIA) help you create concise "WOW" factor content to attract the right customers for your brand(s) with easy to use marketing templates. Can you relate to Mike's problems in the video below? 

Build Customer Loyalty Faster with Freeman Interactive!

We also offer FAST-TRACK marketing and sales solutions for small business owners, C-Level managers. and their sales teams. Perfect for new product launches and rebranding. Pre-paid writing services & strategy packages available per project.

  • Brand Strategies & Product Placement  

  • "Aesthetic" Product Label & Packaging Design Recommendations

  • Customer "Ghost" Order & Internal Operations Analysis

  • Customer Behavior/Experience & Sales Team Process Assessments

  • Find the Right Influencers to Represent Your Product Brands

A S    F E A T U R E D   I N:

Freeman’s articles and comments have been published in a variety of online industry publications. FIA offers leadership experience to help guide manufacturers in developing creative "solution-based" strategies that help accelerate product sales and improve brand loyalty.

Rob Freeman

FIA Founder / Magazine Contributor / Startup Investor

"Small businesses need help selling their products more today than ever before. The saying is no longer...CASH IS KING. Now the saying is... WHOEVER HAS PRODUCT TO SELL & DELIVER THE FASTEST WILL BE KING!"

Trevor F. / Owner - Coiltek Electronics, Adelaide, AU

"Your idea of adding a coil comparison chart to my product packaging helped immediately answer customer questions for my retailers at the point-of-sale. Thanks Rob!"


Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions

Question icon
What is FIA's (Freeman Interactive Agency) relationship with Renderforest?

Freeman Interactive is one of the newest Renderforest affiliates in North America. In addition to our 20+ years of promotional writing services, we also offer business strategy and technical writing services at an hourly fee of $125/hr. The Renderforest cloud-based software is quite user friendly. It is intuitive enough for the business owner to use if needed, and simple enough for most PC/Apple users to quickly train themselves to use within a few hours. Using Renderforest is the easy part. Writing the right content that catches the "customer's eye" is the tricky part....Freeman Interactive can help create that unique message for you.

Question icon
Does FIA accept payments via Crypto?

Coming soon via PayPal. As for international/domestic non-crypto transactions, we accept Check/ACH/SWIFT as well.

Question icon
What if I forget my Renderforest account password or need support from them?

Please reset your password at Renderforest's login page. Go to their FAQ page for additional assistance. Freeman Interactive doesn't offer tech support for Renderforest. We are a content writing/creation agency.

Question icon
What if I don't want to purchase a Renderforest subscription, but still need your services? 

Not a problem. We can provide the services to create the content using our own Renderforest agency account. We would just bill you for all time and materials. You will own the (final version / non-editable) downloadable files, but not the original files that will reside on the Renderforest portal. This option makes sense for those that don't have design experience, employees, or don't enough time to learn and manage their subscription. It's a much more affordable alternative. 

Question icon
How long does it take for FIA to produce a logo, website, or animations?

If you hire FIA to produce your content via Renderforest,  It's ideal that you have your company logo artwork and image files available to send, then FIA can typically complete each project within a week. We accept standard image file formats such and PNG and JPEG. If you don't have a logo yet, we can create on with Renderforest or you can contact your favorite Graphics Design artist.

Question icon
Does FIA hire graphics design artists, influencers, and other talent for their projects?

Yes. To be considered for hire as an independent contractor (IRS 1099), please contact us via email first. Do not send attachments. Once you go through the screening process, submissions should be of professional quality created for B2B or M2C audiences only. Minors (such as Models, Software Coders, etc.) submitting material under the age of 18 y.o. must be accompanied with parent via live video scheduled calls. Otherwise material will not be accepted.  

Question icon
Was all of the content on this website produced with Renderforest? 

Yes! This website was created with Renderforest, which includes the logo design, story animation videos, YouTube intros, and the website template itself. But keep in mind any specific images about you, your products, and company would still need to be provided by you. Renderforest offers a great selection of stock video and images available as part of their subscription. KEEP IN MIND...Creating content with this software is the easy part. Catching the customer's attention and defining how your company is different from the rest can be tricky....Contact us if you need assistance with writing your content.

Question icon
Did we forget something?

If you have any additional questions or suggestions regarding how we can improve our business, feel free to email us. We welcome your feedback!


Email is preferred or call to leave a message to schedule an appointment, video consultation, or for any other questions. No soliciting.

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